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A Literature Review, What Is That?

Most individuals might not be too familiar with this genus of writing. A literature review is a form of criticism, if you may. It has you commenting on a book, novel or any paper related to literature. That includes works like fantasy, horror, comedy, romance and pretty much any other that is out there within literary inscription. Upon understanding what literature review writing is you may believe it to be easy, it is asking for your opinion on a book after all, how hard could that be?

Well, it may surprise you how difficult this write-up is, so buckle up and get ready to dive into a whole other side of writing.

What is a Good Literature Review?

There's a big difference in writing a paper and doing it justice. If you want your literature reviews to be of the high quality; you will have to hone a couple of specific skills. However, what skill set do you need for this particular critique? To figure that out you need to know what the aim of a literature review is. While you write such a document, your aspiration is to express what any reader will get from reading that piece of literature which you have read and analyzed thoroughly. You share your thoughts on what you think that text has to offer others and what did it offer to you. Your review can talk about a new perspective that the book shares with the readers, an outlook on a delicate topic that was in the shadows before, or maybe an unanswered question that the author arose from his/her inscription.

Alternatively, your review may be a warning to those who have not yet read the work and most likely never should. So, your analysis can work either as a promotion for the text or as a Word of advice to choose a different piece of writing. A literature review could go either way, the deciding factors here are the research objectives you had reading the text and the arguments you were supporting.

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A Beginner’s Blunder

Most of the mistakes that individuals make while writing a literature review are because they do not treat it as a separate writing genre. Students mix it with other write-ups all the time, so here are a tip of beginners that could lead them to an A grade literature review.

Do not turn your review into a description write-up. You are not supposed to write a collection of summaries of other reviewer’s texts. What you are expected to do is create a balanced write-up, combine publications analyzing the same text and link the substantial pieces with your personal proposals and arguments. Create a critical dialogue, show that you ample awareness and understanding of the text from various perspectives, different arguments, literary theories and critical approaches.

The Structure

The structure highly depends on the research area or thesis that you choose. Start by going through what other critics have stated on the text that you are reviewing and then move on to the next on your list. One by one, cover each critic’s views and perspectives on the writing.

Dictate your structure according to the areas of the topic, divisive issues and questions that the text brings up or the varying theories and approaches that you are planning to apply to the text. After that, discuss what the literature in question argues and how your purpose fit in all that.

So What Should You Include In A Literature Review?

To simplify it further, here are a few points that you should include while writing a literature review. If you can manage to have all these facts in your review, then you are sure to have a quality write-up.

  • Show How Your Revision Relates To The Texts.
  • Show The Relation Of Your Study To Earlier Studies.
  • Note Authors’ Discrepancy in Views on Various Areas.
  • Criticize The Various Aspects Of The Methodology Used.
  • Summarize What The Literature Says In The Conclusion Of Your Review.
  • Highpoint Model Studies In Your Review And Why You See Them As Such.
  • Reference Authors Who Draw Similar Conclusions of the Text as Your Own.
  • Highlight The Gaps That You May Come Cross In Past Researches On The Paper.
  • Compare And Contrast Different Authors' Illustrations On The Text And The Issues It Represents.

Time to Write

Now it is time to write your literature review, so the first step here is to decide what you are going to choose for your review. You need to decide what you are going to read, what kind of book it is going to be or is it going to be a book at all?

Sometimes you are given a booklist or a particular text to write your review on if your professor wants to (This happens with college students), if that has the case then use this opportunity to the fullest, searching for past material will become so much easier. All you need to do now is decide the limitations of your research on the text.

Unless a new piece of evidence comes that you feel obligatory to add to your research stick to your original list. You do not want to get preoccupied and lose focus of your argument.

A few things you should double check:

  • Write A Clear and Short Introduction to Your Review. Cover The Topics Of Your Review And The Order Of The Arguments In This Intro.
  • Add Short Summaries When You Conclude A Section Of Your Review Showcasing Your Personal Arguments And The Referenced Facts.
  • Use Quotations Only If Appropriate. Don’t Force Any Quotations On To Your Review Thinking That They Will Make A Greater Impact.
  • Make Sure That The Reader Will Be Able To Separate Your Opinions From That Of The Source That You Used.
  • Never Ignore Contrasting Viewpoints; If You Do Then, Your Argument Will Look Weak.
  • Remember To Reference The Works You Are Mentioning Within Your Review.
  • Always Write Your Review In A Recognized Academic Writing Style.
  • Avoid Plagiarizing At All Cost.

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